We are Ron & Stephanie Hammond, Relationship Coaches & Pastors, whose mission is to help you maintain a healthy heart in marriage and all your relationships.  We met in college, became college sweethearts, and were married immediately after graduating from college.  We have been married for 25 years and have raised 3 beautiful daughters together.

In those 25 years of marriage, we have overcome emotional infidelity, poor communication, mistrust, and unforgiveness. We have overcome these issues by restoring the rhythm of our hearts, removing blockages in our hearts that prevents life-giving resources to flow freely in our marriage, and by allowing unconditional love and forgiveness to dominate our relationship. Our book shows you how to maintain a healthy heart in marriage and to live in joy-filled relationships.

Relationship Coaching with
the Hammonds

Work with the Hammonds regarding improving your relationship.  Your marriage can be a beautiful story of change and transformation. Your relationship story may be something you’ve completed, gone through, or something that you desire to create.  Your marriage story is a gift to each other, your children, and the world.  Your marriage can have a message of hope, recovery, and progress which can give life to other people

We are here to help coach you through any challenges, successes, or issues in your relationship so that you can maintain a healthy heart toward your spouse. Let’s work together to live out your relationship’s best so that you can someday share your relationship story with the world.

Weekend of Love Marriage Retreat

The Hammonds are the Founders of the Weekend of Love Marriage Retreat whose mission is to provide you with encouragement, hope, and practical tools to build and grow your marriage. This retreat was established after their marriage was affected by emotional infidelity.  The Hammonds felt their connection was completely gone, they felt hopeless and helpless in the midst of those trying times in their marriage.  To make matters worse, the Hammonds recognized some spiritual heart irregularities that were unattended and which left them vulnerable as a couple. After receiving Relationship Coaching and Marriage Counseling, the Hammonds achieved greater intimacy and are flourishing in their marriage. When starting the Weekend of Love Marriage Retreat, the Hammonds knew that other couples needed to be encouraged and receive practical tools in their relationships. 

To attend a Weekend of Love Retreat or to find or more information, click here.